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Somewhere in America a new teacher is sitting at their desk questioning whether or not they made the right decision to educate the youth of today. Many are tired of the bureaucracy of red tape needed to make a real change, while others are struggling with the emotional demands teachers endure for the next 180 days. In Behind the Desk: How I Survived My First Ten Years in Education, Franchesca Warren gives a “no holds barred” look at her first ten years in education- the good, bad and ugly. A current public school teacher, Warren is passionate about the only way to help teachers survive is to let the real experts (veteran teachers) share their experiences with newer teachers. Behind the Desk tells a story of a new teacher’s struggles through first hand stories of what really happens behind the desk when teachers have to learn by “trial and fire” . Written in first hand experiences this book will make you laugh, cry and shout in frustration of what many teacher feel with the current education system. The heroes of Warren’s riveting accounts are not some knight on a white horse, but are the fearless educators who wake up every morning to educate our youth despite their educational challenges. As discontent with teachers being blamed for everything wrong in education, Warren forces the public to really understand that teachers are the are changing lives behind the desk.

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